Building businesses

Kyeema is focused as an incubator for new businesses. We identify market opportunities, build solutions for those opportunities and then promote those into the market. Once product/market fit is found and traction is gained, we employ an operational team with the perfect experience to commercialize it. At that stage the core Kyeema team transitions the responsibilities over and then returns to the white board to build and launch the next solution.

Our skills focus greatly within the technology industry, but spread widely amongst the various domains in that arena. But with that said, we also look to leverage technology to improve traditional industries. This could be aquaculture or manufacturing or any industry that garners true value from technology.

Existing businesses

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Safetrust makes your mobile device even more powerful by allowing you into your building, Network Logon, secure email, and messaging, by eliminating your old school access cards and usernames/passwords.

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Task Unicorn

Task Unicorn is a data centric task management system. We focus our service on constant business optimization, efficiency, time and task leverage.

Our platform integrates services to complete all facets of your business tasks, everything from confirmation calls and texts, appointment setting, project management services, research, and many more.

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Mvestment is an off market investment management platform. It allows you to securely manage all of your investments, invite anyone for free to collaborate or view the investment and easily track and communicate the work and milestone successes that are performed within that investment. mvestment provides the ultimate living dashboard for tracking, management, document signing, reporting analysis and communication for all of your ventures, businesses and investments.